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Things you may be wondering about...

What is Part 107?

The FAA Part 107 Certification refers to a set of rules for operating a drone commercially in the U.S. It is also used to refer specifically to the certification drone pilots must have before they can legally offer professional drone services.

What is a sUAS?

 Small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) comprises an unmanned aircraft and the equipment necessary for the safe and efficient operation of that aircraft


Are you insured?

CC DronePro is fully insured at every job site ($1 - $10 million depending on complexity of project). We are always ready to generate COI (certificate of insurance) upon request


What equipment do you use?

We ensure results by relying on the latest drone, camera, and software technologies. We use DJI & Autel drones, Nikon and Canon DSLR's, and Adobe Lightroom, Premier Pro, and Photoshop for post production. 


I just want some aerial pics, is this possible?

Yes! We like to connect with businesses of all sizes as well as individuals. Our pricing structure is flexible by design in order to better serve you and meet your specific needs at an affordable price.

If you are are still wondering...

If you have a question that is was not addressed, then send us a message and we will do our best to answer it.

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